You will need to keep requisite data of your employees such as Employee ID, name, personal details, contact details, PAN etc, Financial Data such as CTC, a breakup of CTC and Employee Leave Data such as types of leaves and opening balances. For the exhaustive list of such info, please see the attached template.

The attached template is only for informational purpose. The actual and updated template should be downloaded from Paybooks directly in the link – Employee/Create, Import employee.  Our advanced template creator ensures that most of the heads in these sheets i.e the master data heads (branch, location, grades etc), the earning heads, leave names etc in the template are automatically created AFTER you have created the earning & deduction heads and leave types. So it is advisable for you to download this file from Paybooks directly

Each of the fields given in the template serves some purpose and hence it would be good to fill in as much data as possible. Of course, some fields are compulsory. You can prefer to enter the employee data directly in Paybooks if the headcount is low or else use the template to import bulk employee data. Clear instructions are provided in the spreadsheet template to fill in the data. Please feel free to write to [email protected] for any clarifications you may have in filling the data.