IT Declaration/Proof Submission


Declare your Investment details in the FY starting, and submit Investment proofs in the year end, and can preview the tax liability; tax deducted so far and balance tax payable for the FY.

From Home Page, click on Declare IT Savings quick link > Under My Tax Planner section


Go to Transactions menu > My Transactions > My Tax Planner

There are 5 tax declaration heads are available, as shown in below screen.

Click on individual links given to enter IT Declarations

  • Enter declaration in PLANNED column in the FY starting, same will be considered for tax calculation till IT proof collection starts.
  • Enter actual bill amount in the ACTUAL column at the year-end while submitting proofs.
  • Immediately after entering actual bill amount upload the scanned copy of bills in the portal.
  • APPROVED amount will be displayed for review, after completion IT proof auditing and the approved amount will be final exemption amount as per the IT rules.

To view IT Computation Sheet, click on Compute IT button.

Previous Employment Details

Update previous employer taxable income in Previous Employment Details link

Profession tax and Income Tax has to be referred from Form -12B, if employee joined in mid of the Financial Year.

Exemption under Section 10

House Rent Receipt

Chapter VI A Deductions u/s 80C to 80U

Other income/loss Declaration