1. Creation of new joinees.

  • Go to Employee > Create/Import Employee > Import employee.
  • Click on template > Enter all the new Joinee details as per the format.
  • Choose file > Import 


Note: Please note the following while uploading Master file.

  • Do not delete any columns and don’t change the format of generated excel file.
  • As per the generated template enter the necessary data and leave the column blank if you don’t have the data. Please don’t mention “NA or “Unknown”.
  • For the fields marked in “red color” please enter the data mandatory.
  • Under confirmation period enter number of months (e.g. 6), don’t put the confirmation date.
  • Under “Pay breakups sheet” enter for formula based components enter “A” if applicable and “NA” if not applicable.


2. Adding Lop days.

  • Go to Transactions> Manage Leave, Time> Attendance.
  • Click on summary Attendance.
  • Generate template.
  • Enter the LOP days and import the same file.

3. One time payments/variable payment:

  • Go To Transactions> Manage Pay Adjustment
  • Select Month, Location and Salary Component
  • Enter Employee Code/Name (or) if bulk upload click on “Import.”
  • Generate template. Enter all components data.
  • Save file and Import the same.

4. In case of Salary revision

Payroll process:

Once you have done with all the inputs Lock Pay and Lock attendance.

  • Go to Process > Control > Payroll
  • Select month > Lock Pay and Lock Attendance > Save.

Run Payroll: Once you lock pay and Attendance.

  • Go to Process > Run payroll > select month > Generation type.
  • Select location > check both Pay and IT if you want to deduct IT. (Or)
  • Check only pay if you don’t want to deduct IT.

Salary statement:

  • Go to Reports > Monthly salary statement > select month > View > Export to excel.

If you are fine with the data and no more alterations lock Pay Process and Publish payslips.

  • Go to Process > Control > Payroll
  • Select month > Lock Pay process and Publish > Save.