This is known as the Dashboard. Here employees can view the graphical representation of Net Pay, Tax outflow, CTC Distribution & Tax Savings details.


From Home Page, click on Dashboard graphical picture as which is shown below.


Go to My Space menu > click on My Dashboard

Here are the details given on the information shown in dashboard.

1. Net Pay: This gives a snapshot of your take home pay over the months in the Financial Year. [Refer Chart – A in above screen shot]

2. Tax: This shows the amount deducted as TDS from your salaries over the months in the Financial Year. [Refer Chart – B in above screen shot]

3. CTC Distribution: This figure shows how your CTC is distributed through the various pay components. [Refer Chart – C in above screen shot]

4. Tax Savings: Eligible versus Declared Amount [Refer Chart – D & E in above screen shot]


To save maximum tax in any financial year, declare proposed savings in the beginning of the FY in the My Tax Planner menu. There is a cap on the amount you can invest/save each year. This graph shows the comparison between the amounts eligible for savings/investments vs. the amount you have actually declared in the investment portal. A higher “undeclared’ amount usually means a higher potential to save on taxes (use this graph along with the tax computation statement report to know your tax liability and plan for the same)


5. Tax Savings Distribution: This pie-chart shows how & under which section your Tax Savings are distributed. [Refer Chart – E in above screen shot]


My Company

Here employee can view the Policies OR any external informative links updated by Company/Employer like Leave Policy, Uniform Policy etc…


Go to My Space > click on My Company

My Profile

Here employee can view the profile, all details are saved in tabs namely Personal Details, Official Details, PF & ESI, Salary Details and Document Management.


Go to My Space > click on My Profile

  • Personal Details: Details stored here are related to employee’s personal info like Address, Blood Group, Marital Status.
  • Official Details: Details stored here are related to employee’s Official Details like DOJ, Job Type, Designation, Bank Details, etc…
  • User Defined Fields: Employees can view any other details saved by employer.
  • PF & ESI: Employees can view their Statutory Details pertaining to PF & ESI.
  • Salary Details: Employees can view their salary break ups.
  • Document Management: Employees can view the documents which they have submitted to employer like SSLC, PUC, Degree certificate and Experience letters etc….

Note: Altering/Editing Personal Details can be done only if your employer has enabled the same to his employees

Change Password

Here employees can change their ESS login password.

Go to My Space > click on Change Password

Enter Old Password & New Password and Save

Leave Calendar

Here Employees/Reporting Managers can view their colleagues/subordinates leave taken details.


Go to My Space > click on Leave Calendar

Select Calendar Year

Select Month

Search Employee by name/code to view leave details

Note: Employees can only view their colleagues leave details, if employer has enabled the permissions.

My Holidays

Here employees can view the Holidays defined by company and also can opt for the Restricted Holidays.


Go to My Space > click on My Holidays

Select Restricted Holidays in the Opt column