Shift Management Module

This document contains all existing features of Shift Management in our application.

The Flow of Shift Module is as follows

1. Enable Shift Management applicable checkbox in Company Master Page by login as Admin Console.

2. Create Attendance Rules.

3. Create Shift and configure them with Attendance Rules.

4. Shift Import and Shift Change.

5. Attendance Sync process.

6. Shift Details Report and Shift Change Report.

1. Enable Shift Management applicable check box in Company Master Page by login as Admin Console.

If the client has opted for Shift management module we need to login as Admin Console. In Company Master Page we need to select checkbox in Shift management applicable as shown above and save it and then in Customer Admin page Shift related pages will be active.

2. Create Attendance Rules.

We need to select Transactions tab then select Mange Leave, Time in that select Attendance Rules as shown in the above screenshot. By clicking on Attendance Rules attendance calendar list page will be opened. If will click on Add attendance Calendar the below mentioned page will be opened.

In Attendance Rule page we need to enter all attendance details like begin time, end time, standard working hours, min hours for full day and half day. We can also configure late comings and early goings and deduct leave from no of instances. For Ex: In the above screenshot I have created Attendance Rule A.            

3. Create Shift and configure them with Attendance Rules. 

After creating attendance rules in customer admin page we can view all shift related pages.

We can create Shift by clicking on configure in that select  Masters then Shift Configure and select on Create Shift as shown in the above screenshot.

If we click on Create Shift below mentioned paged will be displayed.

In this page we can see all the attendance rules which we have created earlier .We need to create Shift by entering Shift name for ex: A1 as in above screenshot. Then select rule to be mapped for ex: A as in screenshot and save it then at the bottom created Shift will be displayed. We can edit or delete the Shifts but once the shifts are assigned we can’t edit or delete it.

After creating Shifts and configure them with attendance rules we need to assign them. In this page we need to select shift name and usually we will give from date and to date for one year and save it. It will be displayed at the bottom of the page as you can see in the above screenshot. We can edit or delete it.

4. Shift Import and Shift Change.

In Shift Import page we need to select month and generate template and assign shift to employees. In the Excel Sheet we need to enter Shift name followed by Rule name For Ex: If Shift name is A1 and rule name is A then we should write A1, A.After entering all details in the excel sheet we should Import that excel sheet. If we will export it we can see all shift details of employees.

This page is for location wise Import having cut off days. We need to select the month and location from the dropdown then generate the template and enter all the details and import it. If we will export it all shift related details of employees will be displayed.

The above mentioned screenshot is Shift change Page where we can change shifts by two methods.

1. Employee wise.

2. All Employees.

1. In Employee wise we need to enter month and employee code and click on view button and then it all details will be displayed and we can change shifts and save it.

2.In All Employees we need to select Month and click on Export Shift all employee with shift details will be generated in template and we can change the shifts and Import the excel sheet. After Importing if we will click on export button the changed shifts will be seen in the excel sheet.

5. Attendance Sync process.

After assigning all shifts to employees we need to process the attendance for that we should click on Transactions in that select Manage Leave, Time and select Attendance as shown in the above screenshot. If we click on Sync Attendance Page it will take us to below shown page in screenshot.

In Biometric Attendance Import page we can Import excel sheet manually or automatically the in and out timings will dump in to this page. We need to select month and locations and click on  ‘Get details’ displays all the raw data imported into paybooks for the month and location.

Once the data is displayed, please click on the Process New button. This applies all the created attendance rules to the imported raw attendance date.

Processed data will be seen with all resolutions .For Ex: All Unresolved will display in Pink, Leave approved and compoff’s approved will display in light green and etc. Leaves requested and approved through LMS would be auto adjusted.

In the processed data, if any changes have to be made, ex. Mapping an absence against comp off, a leave can also be done. Once done the save button should be clicked. In case of unavailability of the adjusted leave an alert message is displayed.                                                                                                                                                               After final save, the submit button should be click to save the processed data and lock the attendance for the month for the location.

After processing the attendance we can view the Attendance Shift Report by clicking on Reports and select Shift in that click on Attendance Shift Report as shown in the below mentioned screenshot.


In Attendance Shift Report we need to enter from and to date and enter employee code and click on export button then excel sheet will be generated. In that Report we can see all shift related details like Shift begin time, Shift end time, In time, out time, total worked hours, Leave applied and Weekly offs.

The above mentioned screenshot is Shift change Report we need to enter from date and to date and employee code and export it.

We can see all details like Shift begin time, Shift end time, In time, out time, total worked hours, Leave applied, Week offs, Attendance Status, late comings, early going and shift change. By viewing all these details we can easily see which employee assigned to which shift and check worked hours, weekly offs and leave applied in that particular month.