Steps in Paybooks 2.0

Steps in Paybooks 1.0

Steps in Paybooks 2.0

To check income tax declarations and deductions of employees, navigate to Employees > Employee Taxes


1. Enter the name / code of employee, whose details you want to check, in the search box.


2. Double click on the records of employee to check his income tax declarations in various categories such as ‘Deduction under Chapter VI A’ and ‘Exemption under Section 10’


3. To check the report of income tax deductions from employee’s salary in previous months and upcoming months, click on View IT Computation


4. To download all documents for investment proofs submitted by employees from employee self-service, click on Download IT Files  


5. To import tax declarations of all employees, click on Import button. To export tax declarations of all employees, click on down arrow next to Import button and then click on Export tax declarations

Steps in Paybooks 1.0


This page enables admin users to get some of the info/ to do activities which are as follows:

Ø Provides information of Investment Declarations made by Employee from their ESS login.

Ø IT Computation sheet can be generated and downloaded

Ø Declaration of Investment amounts on behalf of employees, this can be done either Employee-wise OR using Excel Importer for bulk list of employees

Ø Audit investment amount and approve, referring the Proof Documents enclosed by employee from their ESS login.

Ø Export Investment Declaration in bulk, of all employees

Ø Generate employee-wise Form 16-Part B.


To do above said things, go to Transactions menu >> IT Compliances >> click on Declarations


Ø Search and select employee in Code/Name field.

Ø Click on links to view/modify the IT savings details, which employees have declared from ESS login.

Ø Click on Compute IT button, to view the IT Computation sheet which shows detailed calculation breakups of Income Tax.

Ø Click on Generate Form 16 button, to download Form 16-Part B.

Ø Click on Download IT Files button, to download the PROOFS submitted by employees, using which admin users can audit and approve the amounts.

Import/Export IT Declaration.


Ø Click on Import button, which will direct users to import page.

Ø Click on Template button, to generate the Excel Template in which users can fill the details and save the same file in local system.

Ø Select Criteria, using which users can upload only the data of, Previous Tax Details, Section 10, Rent Details, Investments and Others

Ø Select the saved file by clicking on Choose File/Browse and click on Import.


To export the investment declarations, select the data type under Export Data With and click on GO button