Run Payroll


This feature enables users to calculate/compute the Salary/Income Tax to their employees.


Go to Process menu >> Click on Run Payroll


Ø Select the payroll processing month from the Month drop down. Then list of Locations whose Attendance and Pay is locked will appear in the screen.

Ø Select Locations for payroll processing by marking the check box against each location.

Ø Choose whether All employees payroll to be processed or for selected employees payroll to be processed from Generation Type drop down.

Ø Select Pay and IT by clicking on the check box.

Ø Click on Process to run the Payroll



a. Payroll can be generated either for all branches at one shot or at branch level.

b. Payroll can be generated either for all employees or at employee level.

c. Selecting only IT will result in processing only Income tax, selecting only Pay will result in calculating all other components apart from IT. Generally for payroll processing both Pay and IT will be selected to calculate all components including IT.