Comp-Off Payout

Using this page admin user can payout comp-off to his employees who ever apply for the encashment against their comp-off balance. It will be en-cashed according to the rules defined by the company.

Go to Employees menu >> More tab >> under Leave Management >> click on Comp-off Payouts link

ü Default current month is fetched in Process month field

ü In Filter field choose either Pending or Processed

ü Select Pending to payout the pending comp-off

ü Select the employee to whom the comp-off  to be payable

ü In Calculated Amount column by default amount will calculated automatically based on the formula defined in the Salary Component and it will reflect here, to override enter new amount in the Amount column, Click on Save

Once completed the above process select Processed in Filter fieldto see already processed comp-off.

Note: Once processed the comp-off, it will not allow any modifications.