Payroll Control

This page helps admin users to control basic activities of payroll processing, i.e., Lock of Attendance, One Time Payable/Deductibles, Pay Process lock and releasing/publishing of Payslips & IT Computation to employees, which they can view in their ESS login. These activities can also be done Branch-wise and Group-wise

Also Stop Payment records of employees can be released for the processing month, from the list of employees under stop payment category/ stop payment table, as shown in the below image.

Go to Process menuControlPayroll

Ø Select the Pay Processing month.

Ø Select a group name, if group names are created.

Ø Once you select processing month and optional group name, resultant screen will be as below

Lock Attendance: Please mark the check box to lock after entering all the attendance data, under Transactions → Manage Leave, Time → Attendance.

Attendance data cannot be edited, once it’s locked, to edit the same, please unlock.

Lock Pay: Please mark the check box to lock after entering all earnings and deduction, adjustments for the month under Transactions → Manage Pay Adjustment.

Note: Only if Attendance and Pay is locked (mark the checkbox) then only payroll can be run for given month branch wise or group of branches or for all the branches.

Lock Pay Process: Mark the check box to lock all payroll calculation for the given month, if payroll output validation is finalised. This would also allow running payroll process for next month.

Publish: Pay slips & IT Computation sheet can be made available to employees in their employee login by marking the check box.


Any stop payment requests in the given month will appear in Stop Payment table. Select the employees by marking the check box against each employee and click on Apply to release the stopped payment for those selected employees for the given month.