FBP Bulk Lock/Unlock


This option helps users to Lock/Unlock and to change the Effective Month of FBP declaration in bulk for multiple employees. Refer below steps to do the same.


Go to Transaction menu à Flexible Benefits àClick on ESS Permission


· In filter by select status, branch, department and designation, to view employees’ records accordingly.

· Change Effective Month under FBP Effective Month dropdown field, select the employees from grid list and click on Apply to change the effective month. Similarly in the grid list Lock column select employees and click on apply to Lock/Unlock FBP Declaration window.

Above activity can also be employee wise by selecting an individual employee, on the right side of the page, chose FBP Lock/Unlock OR Effective Date, search & select employee, and change Effective Month & Lock/Unlock status and click on Apply.

Click here to refer FBP declaration user manual