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Spend Management

Dear Team,

There are a couple of issues with implementing spend management, outside of payroll, which makes it impractical for me to use the solution, even though I am paying for the subscription. The issues are as follows:

1. If we select not to process reimbursements (outside of CTC) with salary, then there is no JV created to push this out to the General ledger. Which means all the entries again have to be manually entered in QuickBooks.

2. Even if the JV does get created, the fields of the JV are not linked to the spend management module. For e.g., we require that for every line item of expense, the employee selects the class, customer if applicable, while these fields are not available in spend management module.

3. There projects and classes in spend management module, which are not linked to Quick books, making it really hard to link live customers and projects in QB with the spend management module.

4. Lastly, the expenses should flow into QB when approved, and park in a subledger employee expenses payable, and be closed out when paid. While the system appears to debit expenses only when the expenses are paid, which is generally not the case.

5. We would like to give access to spend management module to some consultants too, however currently the feature is restricted to employees only.

It would be great if QB and paybooks would be seamlessly integrated to have a good spend management module for employee expense reimbursement.



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