Using the DMS in Paybooks,

1. You can create different field names to store scanned docs of employees like passport, PAN, offer letter, last employment relieving letter, background verification doc etc.  

2. Each field has 2 options –

a. show in ESS to employees (Docs like background verification are needed only for HR use and need not be shared with employees.)

b. allow edit in ESS to employees.  ( employees can download the image/doc or upload new docs against these fields).

3. these doc management fields are visible for each employee in the Employee Master view in the Doc Mngmt tab.


By using this add on module , the complete HR file of employees can be made paperless and access to the docs is very easy. Employees get to see and edit some docs add it adds to their and HR’s convenience. You can also use this tool to upload digitally signed appraisal/hike letters, TDS certs of past years, warning letters etc.