Document management module helps user to store & attach the relevant documents to an employee profile.

Go to Employees >> More tab >> under Doc Management >> Click on Create Documents

Employee Doc: Give the name of the document to be created like MBA, MCOM, PAN, Passport copy etc.


Show in ESS: Enabling this check box will make Employee to view the documents in ESS


Allow Edit in ESS: This option will give rights to employee to edit / upload the documents.


click on save to the save the above information.

After master configuration, user can update / add the Documents of the Employee in their profile.

 Go to Employee menu >> Master tab >> select an employee and go to Document Management tab to update / Add the document. Click on any document name to view / Add documents.

Click on View to view the document, click on Choose file to select a file to Add and click on Remove the Employee Document.

Notes: 1 .Uploading document file name should not contain special characters. Example "Markscard"

            2. Ensure while saving the file name there should not be space and it should be in conjoined format. Example Markscard

            3. The size of file should not exceed more than 2 M.B