Assign Reporting Manager


You can map the Reporting Manager & enter the Second Reporting Manager details for all employees. 

Mapped Reporting Managers will have access to Approve/Reject Leaves & Reimbursement requests raised by their subordinates.


Assigning Reporting Managers manually

Go to Employee menu >> More tab >> under Assign Manager >> Click on Map Reporting Manager link

  • Click on the "View" button to see the list of unmapped employees,
  • Check the box "YES" in  "Map Reportee" 
  • Click click on the "View" button to see the list of employees to whom RM is already mapped
  • In Reporting Manager Column map RM against the employee record using the drop-down field
  • In Sec.Reporting Manager & Sec. Reporter Email columns enter the name and email id.


Bulk assigning of Reporting Manager using Import Option


Go to Employee menu >> More tab >> under Assign Manager >> Click on Import Reporting Manager link


  • Click on Download Template here to generate excel with the list of employees.
  • Fill in the Reporting Manager Column and save the file.
  • Click on “Choose File” 
  • Select the file and click on “Import”.




     The Second Reporting Manager gets only the Mail Notifications on the Leave Applied & Leave Approve/Reject details.


    Reporting Manager can also be mapped to employees under 

    Master tab >> Edit selected Employee Master record >> in Official Details tab >> Reporting Manager Field.


The option of Self-Approval is also available. Here the user can self-approve the leaves.

To self-approve leaves, the user can  go to the Employee menu >> More tab >> under Assign Manager >> Click  on Self Approval

To enable the self-approval 

Search the Employee code 

Select the option LMS and Save.

Once the leave is applied by the particular employee by default the leave will get auto-approved.