Here could be chances to revoke Resignation in the application once the same is duly updated there. The reasons could be 

· Resignation incorrectly updated

· The Resigned Employee has re-joined the company


The steps to make it happen are as under:


Please go to Employees >> Manage Exits tab; if against any Employees’ name, “Yes” is updated under the column “Revoke”, then it means that the Resignation of those Employees is already revoked.

If not, then please click on the “Edit” button under “Action” column against that Employee; you would be directed to the below screen.


You can find the “Mark as Settled” checkbox near the bottom is ticked; please untick this and save.

Now you will find “No” under the “Revoke” column against that Employee.


Click the downward arrow next to the Edit button and click on “Revoke” option and the Resignation of this particular Employee would stand canceled.


Now this Employee would reflect in the Master under “Working” Employees.


Note: If any employees’ are re-joining after a huge gap, then we recommend to add that employee as a fresh record with new employee id. 

Select employee by clicking on View/Edit and deselect Is settled? checkbox and Save.

Note : Date of joining for revoked employees cannot be changed.