Automatic Employee Code Generation

Every new hire is assigned a unique code which is generated by the system once they are hired by a company.

This employee code acts as an identity to the employee and helps track both Payroll and Hr activities in the company.


When onboarding /adding an employee into the system, we need to enter their employee code. 


There are two options to add the employee code.

  • Manually enter the employee code as per the records.
  • Auto-generate the employee code.

The first option is where we key in the employee code manually.


The second option is the auto-generation of the employee code.

To enable the system to generate the employee code automatically,

Go to Settings 

Click"Configure Rules"


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Click " Setup Rules" 

In "Login using" select "Employee code" from the drop-down.

Check the box" Generate Employee code automatically".

Enter the "Code Format"

Set the Code Format giving 

  • Prefix- any alphabet/number before the starting number specific to the company.
  • Starting Number
  • The suffix-  any alphabet/number before the starting number specific to the company. 
  • Width of the code. ie the limit / maximum number of characters for the employee code allowed.

Click "Save".



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In the onboard /add employee screen, when you add the employee, the code will be automatically generated.