Import Employee


This user manual helps in creating employee records using excel importer


To create new employee record using excel importer,

Go to Employee menu >> Master tab >> in Add Employee button open drop down list >> click on Import New Joinees

Click on Generate Template to generate excel template with all necessary fields available in employee master.


Go to Instruction sheet to read the steps to be followed to enter employee details. As per the instructions, navigate to each sheet like Employee, Pay, Leave and UDF to enter the relevant details and save the file to local hard drive.


Click “Browse” to select the file saved in the local hard drive and Click “Import”.


Please note the following while uploading Master file:

Ø Do not delete any columns and don’t change the format of generated excel file.

Ø As per the generated template enter the necessary data and leave the column blank if you don’t have the data. Please don’t mention “NA or “Unknown”.

Ø For the fields marked in “red color” please enter the data mandatory.

Ø Under confirmation period enter number of months (e.g. 6), don’t put the confirmation date.

Ø Under “Pay breakups sheet” enter for formula based components enter “A” if applicable and “NA” if not applicable.

Ø Ensure DATE format should DD/MM/YYYY and it should be in English (UK) format.

Ø Ensure EMPLOYEE CODES are not assigned to more than one employee record.

Click here to create employees wise.