In this page, admin users can adjust the comp off on behalf of employees towards Leaves and Leave Encashment, which is based on the configuration done under 

Payroll Settings >> Configure Rules >> Setup Rules >> expand Advance Settings >> Comp Off Treatment drop down

Here in the CompOff-SetOff page, against each comp off records Expiry Date can also be viewed, of the comp off days.

Refer below steps to do the Comp Off-Set Off.

Go to Transactions menu >> under Leave/Time Management >> click on Manage Comp off link


Search and select employee in Code/Name to view list of approved comp off records of selected employee.
In Adjust column, against each comp off record, click on links.
Request Payment: To apply for leave encashment.
Add to Set Off: To apply for leaves to be taken.


Note: Comp Off Leaves and Comp Off Leave Encashment adjusted on behalf of employees would be directly posted as approved records without manager’s consent.