Weekly Off

Weekly Off feature in the page, helps users to configure different weekly offs’ for each employees', i.e., which is not common to all employees.


Refer below steps to set weekly off for individual employees and group of employees.

Go to Employee menu >> More tab >> under Leave Management >> click on Manage Week Offs

Ø Search and select employee in Code/Name field to assign weekly for individual employee


To assign it for a group of employees, in the filtration given on the right-hand side select the categories and click on View button.

Ø To assign weekly off for whole leave year, select Yearly and Weekly off days and click on Apply button to save

Ø To assign weekly off for each month, select Month from drop-down field and Weekly off days and click on Apply button to save.

Import Weekly Off

Use excel importer to import weekly off for bulk list of employees in one go.


Ø Click on Import Weekly Off button

Ø Download the template, follow the instructions given in the help sheet in the downloaded excel.

Ø After filling up the detail, save the file in your hard drive and upload the same file into application.


Note: Updated weekly offs will have effect only from the current payroll month in which it is added, that means retrospective months wouldn’t have any effect.