Email Trigger

Here the user can send emails to employees in bulk to convey any internal message.

Go to Utilities menu → click on eMail Trigger

Ø Default current days date is fetched in the Date field

Ø Default email address would be fetched in From Email Address field i.e., the email which is configured in Email Setup under Company Profile.

Ø Enter summary of the mail, in Subject field.

Ø In Recipient List tab, filter Employees based on the given categories i.e., on Location, Level, Department, Designation, Job type and cost center and click on List to select the employees.

Post selection of the employees' list in Recipient List tab, go to Message tab and enter the mail content.

The user can make necessary format changes and any Picture & PDF formats can also be attached using Attachment option.

Once done entering all details, click on the Send button to trigger emails to selected employees.

Click on Sent Mail List button to see the list of sent emails.