IT Adjustment



All payments that are paid outside payroll and are taxable, the tax for the same will also be deducted and remitted outside payroll like Festival Bonus, Stocks, etc…



Paybooks has the option to update such tax amounts deducted outside the payroll. 


Go to Transactions

Click on Update Tax Deducted Outside



Select the Month in which the IT Adjustment should be made

Enter the Employee Code/Name.

Enter the ‘Total Tax’ amount

Enter the ‘Surcharge’ and ‘Cess’ amount

Click on Apply to save the data


Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

The data updated under this option will be considered for Tax Calculation and will appear in your Tax Computation Statement.


You can also import the data 

Click on 'Download Template'

Enter the amount

Save the file to your local drive 

Click on Choose File 

Click on ' Import'



For information on how to enter the earnings done outside the payroll please refer the document- ‘How to update Payment made outside Payroll’

Please use this link. How to update Payments done outside payroll: Help Center (