This document will help user to create new Location/Branch, configure Branch Wise Attendance Cut Off, Branch Wise Base Days, and Branch Wise New Joiner Cut Off and to select Branch Wise Payslips Format.

Go to PayrollSettings >> Locations and click on New.


Ø Location: Enter the location/branch name

Ø State: Select state from drop down list, on this selected State, Profession Tax would be deducted.

Ø PT Number: Enter the PT Registration number of the location

Ø ESI Number: Enter the ESI Registration number of the location

Ø Pay Effective Month: The new location created date will be effective here.

Ø Location Wise Address: Select this option to input the address of PT & ESI registration location and to select the Payslip format.


Click on Save, if no additional options need to be configured. Go through below steps if advance config required.

Below options will appear only if it is configured under 

Go to Settings >> Configure Rules >> Setup Rules tab

Ø Attendance Cut off Day: Select the cut-off day for attendance to this location. Example: If Attendance Cycle is 25th to 24th, then select 25 in this drop down.

Ø Exclude Week Off from Base Day: Select this option to exclude Weekly Off days from the base days.

Ø Exclude Holiday from Base Day: Select this option to exclude Holidays from the base days.

Ø New Joiner Cut Off: Select the Cut Off day for new joiner. Example: If any employee joined in the month of last week of the month, and company wants to process that employee salary in the next month.

Ø Cut off Rule: Selecting the option “attendance and payroll” will consider attendance and Payroll calculation based on the cut off days. Selecting the option “attendance only” will consider attendance as per the cut-off day and Payroll calculation will be on actual days in a month.

Ø Click on Base Days icon against each location to set the branch wise Base Days.