Comp-Off Import

Using this option admin user can import Comp-Off Balance of employees in bulk on behalf of employees if in case employees are unable to do so from their ESS login.

Also, this option will help to store/maintain legacy data of previous months comp-off balance details in the initial setup of your company in PayBooks.

To import Comp-Off balances,

Go to Utilities menu >> under Legacy Import  >> click on Comp-Off link

Generate the excel template and in the generated template, fill comp-off details for different dates and units has to be 0.5/1 day and import the file.

Use Cases:

1. Seamlessly data can be imported for previous leave years as well during implementation stage this would be of much help.

2. If any of the comp off balance is not utilized by employee and balance has got expired, then admin user can import the comp off balance through this importer