Import Legacy Leave/Attendance

Using this option, admin users can import Accrued/Credit and Availed/Taken leaves for employees in bulk.

To do an import of Legacy Attendance, 


Go to Utilities menu >> under Legacy Import  >> click on Import Legacy Leave/Attendance link

Choose the leave type to adjust i.e., Earned Leave OR Availed Leave

Earned Leave: Selecting this option would allow users to upload Accrued /Credit leave balances.

Select frequency i.e., Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly OR Monthly, this would fetch the Leave Types according to the configured leaves on generating template

Availed LeaveSelecting this option would allow users to upload Availed/Taken leaves.

Select Months in which leave taken records to be uploaded and fill the data in template and upload the same.


1. Uploading data for the same period will replace/overwrite the existing data with the new data. Ensure that you use this importer, in case of making any amendments in the existing data.

2. Ensure to remove the blank columns and rows, if there are no data available in excel sheet, as blank cells in excel will get uploaded as ZERO.

3. In availed leaves importer, system captures only the Leave Taken counts and Leave records captured from LMS (Leave Management System) and Bio-Metric devices would not be disturbed.