Helpdesk Management

Using the below screen user can configure different people as Help Desk Managers for different branches. User need to assign people with HR Roles by clicking on here in the screen to enable them to become Help Desk Managers. Select the Manager and the branches to be managed. All Help tickets raised by employees from the selected branches will go to the assigned Help Desk Manager with a cc to the user designated as Customer Admin.

To configure user as Helpdesk Manager, 

Go to Utilities section >> under Helpdesk Management >> click on Configure.

After Assigning the HR role, in drop-down select the particular HR and map him to a particular Branch and click on Save.

Using the below screen user can override assigned tickets to a different Help Desk Manager. You may need this option if one of your Help Desk Managers is not available temporarily. Remember that you can re-assign only RAISED tickets here and that if you need a permanent change of Help Desk Managers, you need to do it under

Go to Utilities section >> under Helpdesk Management >> click on Over Ride.

Select the Actual assignee of the tickets in Original Assignee dropdown  

Select the person to whom you assign it temporarily in Reassign dropdown

Select the status of the ticket and click on Assign