Comp-off Category Mapping

Expiry days for the Comp-Off balance

Using this option, the admin user can set expiry period for comp-off balances

Go to Transactions menu >> under Leave/Time Management >> click on Comp-Off Category Mapping.

Select the branch name in Branch drop-down, if the rules are different for each branch, then select each branch and configure accordingly.

Select category in Category drop-down, i.e., based on Designation, Department, Level, Cost Center. Category once selected and saved cannot be reverted.

Enter comp-off expiry days against Calculate weekdays, if the employee works in week-days.

Enter comp-off expiry days against Calculate week-off, if the employee works on any week-offs.

Enter comp-off expiry days against Calculate holiday off, if the employee works on any holidays.

 Select the type of expiry either it should get expire from the Worked date or from the Approved date, based on selected value system starts counting expiry days.

 After entering the entire details click on Apply button, all these rules will be applied to the selected branch and category of employees, which can be viewed in grid list.

 Expiry days can also be altered for selected categories separately, in the grid list.

 To allow en-cashing of comp off balance for selected categories, enable en-cash comp-off option.

 After entering all the details click on Save to capture the defined configurations.