You can edit or re-run payroll any number of times till you are satisfied with the payroll output. Please see how to edit or re-run payroll based on the stage on payroll run:


1. If you haven’t completed payroll run yet and are in one of the 6 steps of payroll run wizard – You can simply go back to previous steps of payroll run wizard by clicking on Back button, make necessary changes and re-run payroll.


2. If you have completed payroll run, but didn’t lock it – If you haven’t locked payroll, you can go to Run Payroll and edit or re-run payroll.


3. If you have completed payroll run and also locked it – To edit payroll, you’ll need to first unlock it. After unlocking payroll, you can go back to run payroll and edit it.


The steps to unlock payroll are mentioned below:


a. Go to Dashboard menu >> Run Payroll, click on down arrow next to ‘run payroll’ button and then click on Unlock.

b. Uncheck the box before Lock Payroll to unlock payroll and Uncheck the box before Publish to stop showing pay slips to employees.

c. Uncheck the box before Lock attendance if you want to edit leave & attendance

d. Uncheck the box before Lock pay adjustments if you want to edit variable salaries of employees