Why should the payroll be locked?


You should lock payroll because without locking payroll:


1. Employees will not be able to view pay slips and income tax reports for the month in employee self-service.

2. Journal voucher entry for payroll will not be posted in QuickBooks accounts

3. You won’t be able to run payroll for next month


When should the payroll be locked?


You should lock payroll only when you are satisfied with the final output of payroll run and don’t want to edit or re-run payroll. Once you lock payroll, you won’t be able to make any changes to payroll. If you want to make changes to payroll after locking it, you will have to first unlock it. Until you lock payroll, you can edit or re-run payroll any number of times.


How to lock the payroll?


Payroll can be locked in 2 ways they are:

1. You can lock payroll after completing payroll run by checking the box before ‘Lock payroll’ in ‘Complete’ tab (Payroll Run > Complete)

2. From Dashboard, Click on down arrow next to ‘run payroll’ button, Click on Unlock in the drop down, Check the box before Lock Payroll to lock payroll and Click on Save