Generally, salary gets calculated on basis of monthly calendar days, this means based the days that are available in a month, if it is January month then its gets prorated on 31 days ex: Salary/31* no .of worked days.

But many want to overrule the calendar days, for the same in paybooks we have provided an option to customise calendar days according to your requirement.

To configure the same in the application you need to 

Go to Payroll Setting >> Configure Rule >> expand Advance Settings >> select Base Days from drop-down box >> Add Base Days >> Set Base Days Month Wise and Save It.

If you have set base days for the month of January as 22 days then the calculation will be like Salary/22*no .of worked days.

From base days weekly off and holiday can be excluded, please select the said option if required. Calculations in this case as follows, if there are 31 days in the month of January. And you have excluded weekly off and holidays i.e. 9 days of Saturday & Sunday + 1 Republic Day = 10 days, then 31-10 = 21 days salary will get paid to employees.

NOTE: If Exclude from Weekly Off & Holidays options is not selected, then for new joiners and resigned employees salary will get paid for the full month though base days is configured.