Create these types of Employees like any other Employees, but with the below changes:

Create 2 components i.e., “Professional Fees” and “TDS on Professional Fees”. The Professional Fees should be Earning, Non-Taxable and Paid component; also this needs to be a “Fixed” component with the calculation type as “Flat”. Similarly, the “TDS on Professional Fees” needs to be configured as Deduction, Non-taxable, Paid component and Calculation Type as "Formula" i.e., “10% on Professional Fees”.

Create Employee record and ensure the “Job-type” is “Consultant” under “Official Details”.

In Employee Master, Salary Details tab, please uncheck all components except “Professional Fees” and “TDS on Professional Fees”.

Once Payroll is processed, then these Employees would get “Professional Fees” and “TDS on Professional Fees” which would be at 10% on the Professional Fees.