Monthly process for attendance synchronization

Once all the data for the month has been dumped into PayBooks, the below mentioned steps have to be followed before processing the payroll for the month.

Using the below depicted link, please enter the sync attendance menu.

Go to Transaction >>Leave/Time Management >> Click on Bio metric attendance import

The sync attendance page looks as in the screenshot below.

After the attendance data is dumped into PayBooks, select the relevant month and the location, and click on ‘Get details’.

‘Get details’ displays all the raw data imported into PayBooks for the month and location.

Once the data is displayed, please click on the ‘process New ’button. This applies all the created attendance rules to the imported raw attendance date.

The below actions occur when the process data button is clicked.

All the late comings and early goings.

All unresolved records are displayed in pink.

Leaves requested and approved through LMS would be auto adjusted.

Two types of leaves for single day (E.G. Half day – CL, Half day EL) approved through LMS would be auto adjusted.

Full day auto adjusted leaves cannot be adjusted to other leaves. The record would be resolved (Green)

Half day leaves which is auto adjusted :

If worked hours are greater than half day eligibility, then the auto adjusted leaves would be resolved Green).

If worked hour’s is less than half day eligibility, then the auto adjusted leaves would be BOTH (Red), where the user has option to adjust the leaves. 

In the processed data, if any changes have to be made, ex. Mapping an absence against comp off , a leave can also be done. Once done the save button should be clicked. In case of unavailability of the adjusted leave an alert message is displayed.

After processing the data the screen will look as below.

After final save, the submit button should be click to save the processed data and lock the attendance for the month for the location.

Once submitted all the details of sync attendance i.e. late occurrence. Leave request through LMS, attendance adjusted through sync attendance all the details of leaves can be viewed in attendance

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