Introduction: Automatic Bio-Metric Sync

Paybooks can handle multiple ways of reading attendance data.

  • From a simple entry in Paybooks of present/absent days
  • to excel import of manual attendance data
  • to excel import of output form a biometric device
  • to auto sync with a biometric device

– Paybooks handles all options.

Paybooks  can be configured to automatically sync with your biometric/time machine and can provide a seamless integration to help you manage time, attendance and leave data without a sweat.

A few facts you must be aware of in the auto sync option.

  1. Paybooks is a cloud application and therefore all data sits in a hosted secure data center.
  2. Unlike in an on premise biometric device and on premise payroll application, the data from the biometric device should be sent to this hosted server for Paybooks to read on sync. To achieve this, the desktop/laptop where the biometric device output lies should be connected to the internet and your device should have a static IP. ( you need to contact your broadband service provider for a static IP) 
  3. Each biometric device manufacturer will have his own basic software and  IP on how he captures, stores and reports the attendance data. Further there are different types of biometric devices with different capabilities and this adds to the complexity of the auto sync.


What Paybooks requires in case you want the auto sync option -

You need to provide the data from your biometric  device in the form which can be machine read ( usually (XML format) through a Paybooks written webservice.  For this you need to contact your device vendor and ask him to consume our webservice. Your vendor would usually write a small windows service to achieve this.

Remember that even if you have a biometric device, Paybooks supports the excel output from the device to be imported into Paybooks with no hassles and with advanced conflict resolution possibilities at no extra cost