Update Time Stamp 

Here the user can change his employees in time and out time on behalf of employee, which is already recorded in the application. And employees too can request for change from their ESS login.

Go to Transaction >> Attendance device management >> Click on Update Time Stamp

Ø In Leave Calendar Year field select the Leave Year

Ø In Month field select the month in which you want to change the time

Ø If the user want to change timings of employees in bulk click on Excel Import >> Template >> Enter timings manually in excel sheet, Save and Import.

Ø Against employee record click on view, to change timings particularly to an employee, it will show the details of Employee in time and out time and click on Modify Timings to alter the details.

Ø On clicking on Modify Timings, a pop up box will display

Ø Modify the timing in this pop up box and click on Submit.

Note: The Time Format should be in HH/MM/SS (English UK)