In this screen, FBP declarations made by employees from their ESS login can be viewed by Admin/HR and also declaration on behalf of employees can be done by admin users.

Go to Transactions menu >> Under Flexible Benefits >> Click on Declare FBP on Behalf of Employee

Search and select employee in Employee Code/Name field, to fetch/see the FBP declaration of selected employee.

Some of the information’s can be seen after selecting employee


1. Status: In status it shows whether FBP declaration window is OPEN or CLOSED for employee, if it is open then employee can declare FBP from ESS login.

2. Date of Joining, Fixed Annual CTC amount & FBP amount of select employee.

3. Effective Date: It is the date from which FBP is opted by employees.

4. Prorate FBP: Based on the Date of Joining/Effective Date whichever is earlier, system would prorate the FBP cap amount.

5. Last Updated By: The user’s name that had done FBP Declaration last time can be seen here.

6. Last Updated Date: Last Date that had done FBP Declaration last time can be seen here.


In FBP Declaration grid, declare FBP on behalf of employee:

  •  In Monthly & Yearly eligibility columns, amounts shown are according to the FBP configuration.
  •  In Monthly Declaration column, declare FBP on behalf of employees by entering the monthly declarations amount and click on Save
  •  In Prorated Declaration column, declaration of FBP monthly amounts are prorated for the remaining subsequent month based on Effective Date/DOJ.
  •  In Declared So Far column, previously declared FBP amount is displayed.
  •  Annual Declaration column shows the sum of Prorated Declaration + Declared So Far amounts


Balance (Special Allowance): Shows the figure of remaining FBP cap amount, which is paid as Special Allowance (i.e., FBP Cap Amount – FBP Declared)