User can allocate or de-allocate a newly created pay component in the salary structure of your employees by following the steps mentioned below:

It is a one-time activity and when new employee records are created, existing salary components will get automatically allocated.

Go to Settings >> Salary Components and click on Pay Allocation. 

There are 3 steps by which allocation / deallocation of Components can be done to the Employees:
  1. Allocate new Pay Component
  2. Change Pay Component effective month
  3. De-allocate Pay Component

 De-Allocate new Pay Component

  • This is used to de-allocate the allocated Components to the Employees.
  • Select the Type as Allocate new Pay Component.
  • Select the Pay Component that need to be removed from the salary structure of the Employees.
  • Default effective month will the month of Pay process.

Note -


  • If the User needs remove the Component from salary of Resignees, then should tick the checkbox next to the Resigned Employees to see even their names in the list.
  • By default, the checkboxes before names of all Employees would be ticked.
  • If the User needs to remove the selected Component from salary structure of all these Employees, then ”Save”.
  • However, if the User does not want to remove the Component to some Employees, then the corresponding checkboxes need to be unticked and then “Save”.
  • The pay component would be removed from the salary structure of all selected Employees.