When an employee does not have sufficient leave balance and still avails leave, that leave will be considered as Loss of Pay and the salary will not be paid to the employee for those number of days.


LOP can be auto-synced with a biometric device /Attendance system or can be manually entered in Paybooks.

You can manually update the Loss of Pay during your monthly salary process.

Click on Run Payroll

Select the Location (All or a particular location)

Click ‘Next’

You will be directed to the ‘LEAVES & ATTENDANCE’ page


Click on ‘Update Employee Leaves’

Enter the Employee Code/Name

The Loss of Pay will reflect under the Leave Type

Enter the number of Days

Click on Save



You also have the option to Import the Details- Summary or Day wise leaves.

Select the Import File option

Click on 'Download Template'

Enter the amount

Save the file to your local drive 

Click on Choose File 

Click on ' Import’

Please Note:


The HR can also apply for LOP on behalf of the Employee. For more details click on the link below

How to apply for leave on behalf of employees from HR login? : Help Center (paybooks. in)