The Reimbursement process workflow goes through many steps.

The employee applies the claims via the ESS portal, which will be sent to the Reporting Manager for approval. 

Once the Reporting Manager has approved the reimbursement claim, the next step is to obtain approval from Finance. 

There are two options for the Reimbursement approval process. 

Direct Claim - is when the claim directly goes to Finance for approval. 

Workflow - when the approval process is first routed to the Reporting Manager and then the Finance Manager. 

This setting is enabled when we configure the Reimbursement module.


Go to SettingsàConfigure RulesàAddon ModulesàReimbursement. 

You can check the box “Enable Direct Claim”. 

If you do not select the same, the approval will follow the defined Workflow. 

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The Finance Manager should login with  their credentials. 

Only those roles for which the permission is given will be displayed. 

Go to TransactionsàSpend, Loan Managementà 


Click Finance Approval” under “Workflow”. 


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Select the “Month”. 

Select the “Status” as “Pending”. 

All the claims pending approval will be listed. 

Click “View/Edit” on the selected claim. 

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You can Approve/Reject the claim. 

The claim can also be printed. 

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