You can approve the comp off that has been opted for pay out here. The approved encashment amount is automatically taken for the payroll processing month. 




On the Home Page click “Transactions”. 

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Scroll down to Time Tracking, Management 

Click “Comp Offs”.



Click “Comp off Payment under Configure”. 





 Select the “Process Month. 

Filter by “Pending” /” Processed”. 

The approved list of employees who have opted for payment against comp off will be listed with the days and the payable amount. 

If the comp off component is formula based, amount will be automatically calculated.  You have an option to override the same. 

If the comp off component is not formula based, enter the amount manually.  

Select a specific employee or “Select All. 

Click “Save”. 

And the amount will be automatically taken for payroll processing. 


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