Compensatory-off, or Comp-off in short, refers to the Leave Adjustment or Encashment of Salary for the Employees for working on any Weekly-offs or on Holidays. 


Workflow of Comp-off 


  • In the ESS portal, the Employee needs to apply for Comp-off for working on a Weekly off or Holiday. 
  • Once the Comp-off is raised by the Employee, an email will be triggered to the respective Reporting Manager (RM). 
  • After the RM approves the Comp-off raised by the Employee, the Employee will get a Compensatory leave credit. 
  • Then the Employee can set off Comp-off as either Leave Adjustment or Encashment. 


Setting a Rule for Comp-off. 


Using this option, you can set the Rule for Comp-off by following the below steps: 


Go to Settings>> Configure Rule >>Click Advanced Setting  




Scroll down to Comp off treatment. 


There are 3 Options here: 


  • Both: The Comp off can be availed as Leave or it can be paid out  
  • Set-off against leave: Can be availed as Leave. 
  • Pay-out – Comp-off can be paid out along with Salary; this can be either Flat or based on the formula mentioned in the component configuration (Comp-off Encashment) 




Configure the Comp Off Rules 


On the Home Page click “Transactions”.  



Scroll down to Time Tracking, Management  

Click “Comp Offs”.  



Click “Configure Comp Off Rules” under “Configure”.  




Select the branch “Branch” from thedrop-down. If the rules are different for each branch, then select each branch and configure accordingly. 

Select a category in the “Category” drop-down, i.e., based on Designation, Department, Level, and Cost Canter. 

Please note that the Category once selected and saved cannot be changed. 


Enter comp-off expiry days against Calculate weekdays, to consider all the weekdays. 

Enter comp-off expiry days against Calculate Week-off, to consider all the week-offs. 

Enter comp-off expiry days against Calculate Holiday off, to consider all holidays. 

Calculate Expiry From”- Select the type of expiry as either “Worked date” or “Approved date”. Based on the selected value the system starts counting the expiry days. 


Check the box “Encash Comp Off” to allow the encashment of comp off balance for selected categories. 


Click “Apply”. All these rules will be applied to the selected branch and category of employees, which can be viewed in the grid list. 


 Click “Save”. 


Expiry days can also be altered for selected categories separately, in the grid list.