The key information about the employees can be found in the Employee Master. We can use the Export feature to extract this information and use it for any further analysis.  


On the Home page, click on Team. 

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Scroll down to the “Employees” section. 

Click on Directory. 


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Click on the drop down next to Add employee”. 

Click on Export Employee Master 

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Select the Month.  

You can select the field from the “Criteria” drop down. 

If you want all the fields check the box “Select All”. 

To display the total gross check the box “Display Total gross”. 

You can also generate component wise details. 

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To select specific salary components 

Click on the salary component for e.g., BASIC. 

Click on >. 

BASIC will move to the sorting box. 

Likewise, you can select the fields which you would like to export. 

If you would like to deselect a wrongly selected component, click <<”. 

The component will again reflect in the “Components List”. 

Click “Export”. 

And your Employee Master is now generated.