In an organisation, there are different roles assigned to different set/group of employees.

The roles define the access for users at the organization level, and some roles let users see and update personally identifiable information or any organisation entity details. 

Some of the Roles available in the application now are:


Employee, Employer, HR, Manager, Finance, Auditor, and Attendance Admin


This feature helps you to set Roles for each Employee.


On the Home Page click “Transactions”

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Scroll down to “Security/Access Rights”.

Click “Map Roles”.






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Click “Map Roles” under “Workflow”.

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Select the “Role” from the drop down.

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Enter the Employee Code/Name.

You can also check the box against the employee’s name.

Click “Apply”.

The role will be assigned to that particular employee/s.

Please note that if no role is assigned, the default role will be of an “employee”.

You can see the new role of the employee under the” ROLE” column.


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