Import Separation allows you to offboard/separate multiple employees.


Please find the steps below to import separations.


Click “Team.”


 Scroll down to the “Employees” section.

Click on the arrow key next to “Offboard.”




Click “Download Template here” to generate the excel template for the upload.

Enter the following details.

“Code/Name.”  of the Employee who has resigned.


“Resignation date/Settlement date”- the day when the employee has submitted his resignation. 


“Last Working Day” -is the last working day of the employee with the organization after which he will no longer be active in the company.



Enter the Reason. You can enter any text.

Select the Reason for leaving.

To know more about the importance of the Reason for exit” click here.


Select “ESI Remarks “from the drop-down.

To know more about the importance of “ESI Remarks” please click here.



Selectthe FFS Process Type from the drop-down.

To know more about the different pay process types and their relevance click here.


Select the checkbox “Mark as Settled” if the settlement is already processed. 


Update the details and save the file to the local drive.





Click “Choose File”.

Click “Import”.

And your Import is successfully completed.




  The employee will now reflect in the “Manage exit” grid.