You have the option to change the Income Tax calculated by the system for any month other than March. Since the tax is being entered manually and not a system-calculated tax, it is called overriding the Income Tax.


Please note that this override option is available only till February. You do not have this option in March as it is the last month of the financial year. 


On the Home Page click “Payroll”. 

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Scroll down to “Utilities.” 

Click Override Monthly Income Tax”. 

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The pop-up message that the “Tax Override can be overridden in the Run Payroll Wizard ” is displayed. 

Click “OK”. 

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Select the Employee Type as “All/Working/Resigned”. 

You can select a specific employee by entering the Employee Code/Name. 

Enter the Income Tax amount which needs to be overridden under Monthly Deduction”. 

Click “Save”. 

Please Note: 

To enable IT declaration for a specific employee, uncheck the “IT declaration lock”. 

To disable viewing of Form 16 in the ESS portal, uncheck “Form 16”. 



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To Override Income in the Run Payroll wizard, please click “click here”. 


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Select “Location”àClick NextèUpdate Leaves &AttendanceàUpdate Pay AdjustmentsàRun Payroll 

Select “Override Income Tax”. 

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Enter the Employee's Name 

Enter the Income Tax amount you want to override. 

Click “Save”. 


You can also Override the Income Tax amount in bulk by clicking on 'Import list to override Income Tax'  

Click “Download template here”. 

Update the file and save it to the local drive. 

Click “Choose File”. 

Click “Import”. 


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 Override Income Tax will work only if Income Tax Computation is chosen as 'Compute for this month’ OR ‘Use previous month's TDS’ options.