Salary revision is the process of changing/modifying the salary. The change affects the entire salary structure. 

The new salary must be updated in the system so that the employee is paid the revised salary from the effective date.

Upload Salary Increment Employee wise

On the Home Page click “Transactions”


Click “Manage Revision” under “Compensation.


Click “Revision” under “Workflow”.


Select the “Month” from the drop-down.

You will be able to view the Salary Revision updated if any for the selected month.

Enter the “employee code/name” to view the details updated for the selected employee.

If you want to view all employees, check the box “All Employees”.



Click New to initiate the Increment process Employee wise.


Enter the “Employee Code/Name”.

Effective date: Select the effective date of the pay hike. The date entered can be any date in the current month or any past date in the current Financial Year or the previous Financial Year. You cannot enter a future date. 

“Process Month” will be the current processing month by default.

“Last increment date”: The date of the previous pay revision, if any, is displayed here.


The current information will be displayed for the following fields.


  • Location
  • Cost Center
  • Designation
  • Department
  • Level


You can update the changes in the “CHANGE” column. Select from the appropriate drop-down.






Click “Update Employee Master” to save the changes.


Current Value- The current CTC will be displayed here.

Hike type: Choose from the drop-down.

  • Hike in % - The given percentage will be added to the existing CTC to derive New CTC. Ex: Existing CTC is 10 lacs+ 10% of Existing CTC is 1 lac and the new CTC will be 11 lacs
  • New Value - Enter New CTC Value directly.
  • Hike in Amount - Enter the amount of increment you wish to give. E.g., Current CTC is 10 lacs, and you want to increase the CTC by 2 lacs, you will enter 2 lacs which is the value of increment. 

Basis value: Enter the values based on the hike type option, for CTC, Variable Pay, and FBP Amount.

For e.g., if hike type is “Hike in%”, you will enter the percentage value. Say for 10% you will enter 10.

Click “Calculate” and the new salary values will be populated.

The “NEW CTC” will be displayed with the revised salary.

Normally the “Difference in CTC “will reflect “Nil”. Sometimes there could be a difference due to rounding off. The difference amount can be adjusted to the Special Allowance.

You can update any ad hoc salary changes, for e.g., you wish to make changes in any of the salary component you can use this option, without changes to the CTC.


And the salary revision is now complete.

You also have the option to delete the Salary Revision by clicking “Delete”.


To upload in bulk, click “Import”.


Click “Download Template here”

Update the increment details in the template and save it in the local drive.


The process month will be the Current month by default.

Select the “Calculation Type” from the drop-down.


The “Increment Type” can be either CTC based or with an Adhoc Value. 

Click “Choose File”

Click “Import”


Please Note:

  • Multiple increments are not allowed if the calculation type is selected as Hike in % or Hike in amount.
  • Even for “New Value” the multiple increments should reflect in one single file in a sequential order.
  • Multiple increments for the same employee must be uploaded in a single import file.
  • Please note that if any difference is found between the entered CTC and the sum of pay components, the same will be automatically taken to Special Allowance.



Increment on Increment in the Same Month.

Users can give the increment in the same month. Please refer to the same option which is used for bulk increments.

While updating the increment details user must update employee details in two different rows with appropriate effective dates in each row.




Note:  User should use only the bulk import increment option for Increment on Increment