The Reimbursement claims which are approved and processed have to be paid to the employee. 

This report helps you to view the expense reimbursement payouts that have to be submitted to the bank.

To generate the report:


On the Home page, click Payroll.  


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Scroll down to Reports. 

Click Bank Statement-Other Components 


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Select the following from the drop-down. 



Component- You can select the relevant reimbursement component from the drop-down. 

Payment Mode i.e., Bank Transfer, Cash, or Cheque as per the Company policy.

Bank- Your Company Bank Account from where the payment of salaries will be done.   

Click the below link to know more about “How to create the Admin Account.” 

How to Create Admin Bank Details. : Help Center (  

Enter the Bank Branch and Bank Account Number. 

To print the Employee IFSC code, check the box “Print Employee IFSC code?” 

Select the “Bank Format” from the drop-down. 

Choose the relevant Bank format from the drop-down.  


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Click “Generate” to download the file. 

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Click “View” to view the file in PDF format. 


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Please note:  

You can also view this report under Reports. 


On the Home page, click “Reports.” 

Click Bank Statement -Other Components 


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