User Defined Fields is the option to create and define fields of your choice like Qualification, experience, etc.

Please click  the link below to learn more about "How to Create User-Defined Fields."

How to create User-Defined Fields: Help Center ( 

After creating the User Defined Fields, you must update the values under UDF against each employee. This can be done manually by editing the employee master and using the import option. 


Update the UDF for individual Employees 

Click on Team>>Employees>> Directory.  

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Click “Employee Master” 

Enter the Employee Code/Name 

Click “View/Edit” 



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Click “Other Info”. 

The UDFs created will be displayed. 

Update the relevant details against each field 

Click “Save” 

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Import for Multiple Employees 


On the Home page, click “Transactions”. 


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Under Core HR, click “User Defined Fields”. 

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Click “UDF Import under Import”. 

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Select the “Location” from the drop-down. 

Check the UDF fields box you want to upload, or else check “Check All. 

Select a specific criterion or check the box “Select all. 

The selected criteria will be displayed in “Type. 

Click “Add. 

The selected details will be displayed. 

Click “Template” 


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Download the Template 

Update the Template with the UDF details. 

Save the file to the local drive. 

Click “Choose File” 

Click “Import. 


And your details are saved successfully. 

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