This report helps you to view the employees’ salary bank statements. You can view the payout reports to be submitted to the bank. 


You are provided with readymade formats to upload and pay the salaries online.


On the Home page, click “Payroll.”




Scroll down to “Reports”.

Click “Bank Statement”







Select the relevant “Type” from the drop-down.

Working- Includes only Active employees. It does not include “Hold Salary Employees”.

Resigned- Only Resigned employees who are released from “Stop pay.”

All- includes “Active Employees”, and “Stop pay released resigned employees”. 

It does not include “Hold Salary Employees”.


Active Employees- who are currently active in the payroll.

Stop pay released resigned employees for whom the stop pay has been released.

Hold Salary Employees- Employees whose salary is still on hold.


Select the following from the drop-down.



Payment Mode i.e., Bank Transfer, Cash, or Cheque

Bank- Your Company Bank Account from where the payment will be made. 

Click the below link to learn more about “How to create the Admin Account.” 

How to Create Admin Bank Details. : Help Center ( 



Enter the Bank Branch and Bank Account Number.

To print the Employee IFSC code, check the box “Print Employee IFSC code?”

Select the “Bank Format” from the drop-down.

Choose the relevant Bank format from the drop-down. This is the Excel generation of the bank format.





Click “Generate” to download the file.



Click “View” to view the file in PDF format.






Please note: 

You can also view this report under Reports.


On the Home page, click “Reports.”

Click “Bank Statement”