If your attendance system is linked to our payroll system, then the attendance data is automatically considered for the payroll process.

In case the attendance data is maintained manually at your end, and you need to input the data for the payroll process, then you can map the components by giving your own headings against the relevant field names.


These details will then be imported into the system for processing the payroll.


The process to manually create the fields is as below:



On the Home Page click “Transactions” 














Scroll down to Time Tracking, Management

Click “Attendance/Biometric Device Management.


Click on “Configure Attendance Rules Manually” 



 Select a “Location”.

Click on “View/ Edit”.


Against the system-created components, you can specify headings of your choice. The same will be used to import in the Biometric Attendance Import.

Click the link to access the file on Biometric Attendance Import”.


Check the box- “Update same mapping configuration for all locations” if you want the same details to be updated for all the locations.


Click “Save”.