The FBP eligibility is based on the CTC slab of the employees. We need to first create the CTC eligibility slabs.

On the Home Page click “Transactions”.


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Scroll down to “Spend, Loan Management”.

Click “Flexible Benefit”.


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Click “Create CTC Eligibility Slabs for Reimbursement” under “Configure”.


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Enter “From CTC”- the starting amount of the CTC slab; it is “0” to start with.

Enter “To CTC”, the maximum limit of that slab.

For e.g., You can have 0-5 lacs as nil. Employees will not have the option to declare FBP.

5- 10 lacs- Employees in this CTC range, will have the FBP declaration option in their ESS.

Click “Add”. 


To add more slabs, the upper limit of the previous slab entered (+1) will appear in the “From CTC”.

Enter the “To CTC”.

Click “Add”.


If you wish to delete the slab row, start the deletion from the last row.


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