In cases where the employee is unable to declare the FBP due to various reasons, the declaration can be done by you as an admin. 

On the Home Page click “Transactions”. 

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Scroll down to Spend, Loan Management.    

Click “Flexible Benefits. 


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 Click on “Declare FBP On Behalf of Employee” Under “Workflow”. 

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Here, the Admin can view the FBP declarations made by employees from their ESS login. 


The Admin/HR can also declare the FBP on behalf of the employee. 


Enter the Employee Code/Name". 

The employee information will be displayed. 

StatusYou can see if the FBP declaration window is OPEN or CLOSED for the employee. 


If it is open, the employee can also declare FBP from the ESS login. 


If the status shows as “Closed”, then the admin must enable the FBP window.

The Set Effective Date option also plays a major role in the FBP Declaration. 

 Please check the document “How to enable/disable FBP declarations in ESS.” 

On entering the name, the following details will be displayed. 


Date of Joining,  


Fixed Annual CTC amount. 

Annual FBP 

Effective Date: It is the date on which FBP is opted by employees and plays a major role in the FBP declaration. 


Prorate FBP: Based on the Date of Joining/Effective Date whichever is earlier, the system would prorate the FBP cap amount. 


Last Updated ByThe name of the person who has last updated the FBP declaration will be displayed.  


Last Updated Date:  The date on which the last update was done will be displayed.



Monthly & Yearly eligibility- the annual and monthly FBP eligibility is displayed. 


In the “Monthly Declaration column, declare FBP on behalf of employees by entering the amount of the monthly declaration. 

Click “Save”. 



In the Prorated Declaration column, the declaration of FBP monthly amounts is prorated for the remaining subsequent month based on the Effective Date/DOJ. 


In the “Declared So Farcolumn, the previously declared FBP amount is displayed. 


The “Annual Declaration column shows the sum of Prorated Declaration + Declared So Faramounts. 


Balance (Special Allowance): Shows the figure of the remaining FBP cap amount, which is paid as Special Allowance (i.e., FBP Cap Amount – FBP Declared) 


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Pls Note: if the declared FBP components are of Reimbursement then those components must be claimed.